I picked up a cheap ten-gallon tank off of CraigsList on 3/12/17. It was stocked with just a dwarf lily.

Kyanite was adopted on 3/20/17 from PetSmart.
Akoya arrived 3/25/17 from a seller on ebay.
The two girls were placed in the divided ten gallon.

On 4/2/17 I picked up a free twenty gallon long tank off of a seller on CraigsList, where the girls will go eventually, as I’ve decided that a ten gallon would be too small for five girls.

On Easter 4/16/17 Pietersite, Cobalt, and Tourmaline were adopted from PetSmart. Later that day, all the girls were moved into the 20 gallon and the sorority had officially begun. By the next day, the pecking order had been established and a relative peace ensued.

Ammonite, Amber, and Malachite were adopted from PetSmart on 4/30/17

Mercury was adopted from a small LFS on 7/9/2017

Alexandrite was adopted from Petco 7/13/2017.

On 12/1/2017 I adopted two baby girls from Petco, temporarily named “Little Red” and “Little Blue.”

Immediately after that, I went into the hospital again, for two weeks this time. When I came back, my tanks were devastated. You can read more about that in my blog post about it.

On 12/27/17 I adopted three Dahlia, Jinj, and an as-of-yet unnamed girl.

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