The Aftermath of My Hospital Stay

I went away to the hospital for two weeks. I got out on December 15th.

What Happened

My dad, out of the goodness of his heart, fed my fish and cats and changed the litter box every single night. Now, this man kept my silver dollar alive longer than most people believe, and he’s kept his 180g going for as long as I can remember, so I figure he knows what he’s doing.

About three days in to my hospitalization, he told me the boy in my quarantine tank had passed away. I kind of knew that was going to happen, but it was still sad. But what I came home to was even worse.

My dad had overfed everyone, because he’s used to feeding fish like Oscars who leave nothing behind. He had done no water changes nor had he cleaned.

It then turned out that there was corrosion in the faucet I was using for source water, leading to copper toxicity. It messed with my health, so I can only imagine what it was doing to my fish.

It’s probably easiest to tell the story of the clean-up tank by tank.

The Sorority (20gL)

There were only two girls left in my sorority. I found the bodies of the others rotting away, and there were food pellets just littering the floor of the tank, and green algae everywhere. He didn’t know how to take care of plants, either. I removed everything that was dead before I took the first picture. Here it is:

First order of business was water changes and dealing with the algae. I scrubbed everything down and added three more girls to balance out the aggression in the tank. Luckily I was able to find three EE girls (the only girls in the store) because those are my favorite.

Next on the list, I wanted to get those calcium deposits off of the glass so I could see my girls clearly. It took a razor blade and some muscle, but I finally got the glass clear again.

Meanwhile, I had ordered plants from JDAquatics. You can send him a message on

Rorschach’s Tank (5g)

My new white cello boy (who turned into a dalmatian in my absence) looked starved and his tank was a little more than half full. I started off giving him an extra meal every day, and he got back to full health quickly.

Fluorite’s Tank (10g)

I couldn’t find any of my Oto Cats in my 10g. I had three. That tank also got seriously covered in algae. You could hardly see inside. The plants were are all covered in brown algae, and there was green algae on the sides of the tank. I wiped down the front before taking the first picture.

Fluorite had fin rot, and it was fairly aggressive too. Even after several water changes and turning up the heater, it continued spread to his body. After 3 days, I ordered Kanaplex and started him on treatment immediately.  After a few days, I was pretty sure he was looking better.

He’s still in treatment now, but I’ve seen some definite improvement. I’ll keep you guys updated as everything progresses.



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