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Kyrenora and her collection live in central Massachusetts, in the northeast United States. She picked up her hobby of fish keeping as a small child while helping to stock her father's large community tank. She now shares her affection for the aquatic with her small daughter, whose favorite place in the world is the local fish store. When her daughter was a little under two years old, Kyrenora set up her first tank in a while (a Fluval EDGE 6 gallon) with a solitary male betta and a few beginner-level plants. After that, the addiction returned and more tanks followed quickly after.

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The Kyrenora Chronicles

The Aftermath of My Hospital Stay

I went away to the hospital for two weeks. I got out on December 15th. What Happened My dad, out of the goodness of his heart, fed my fish and cats and changed the litter box every single night. Now, this man kept my silver dollar alive longer than most people believe, and he’s kept […]

The Addiction Takes Hold

Hello wonderful people and welcome to the Kyrenora Chronicles. These are the stories of my adventures in fish keeping. The Back Story My love for fish keeping came from my dad. He had a community tank while I was growing up, and I used to be allowed to pick out one fish to add every […]